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Hyperreal - the new yardstick in lipstick.

The holy grail of lipsticks is real: we know because we made it. It’s non-sticky, super-pigmented, non-bleed and super-lasting – basically everything you thought couldn’t co-exist in a lipcolour.

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Spring is (finally) here! 🌷

And temperatures aren't the only thing on the rise - bring on pastels and brights. (And perhaps even a new colour...) 💅

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New nail treatments now available. 💅🏼 🍬

Don’t believe in miracles – depend on them. Introducing our new nail treatments. And with organic botanicals and vitamins, even Mother Nature can get her nails done.

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Here's what our customers think

Supersonic Top Coat Lr

This is the BEST top coat I’ve ever used and ever owned. Not only does it dry with in minutes it leaves my nails feeling like I’ve just had them done professionally with gel nail polish. I can’t recommend this top coat enough. I’ll be buying this one over and over again!


Prima Donna Lr

I love getting happy mail and Kester Black have gone above and beyond with Prima Donna! I had it on my nails within 1/2 hour of its arrival and it looked even better than the photos. So festive and happy it just makes me smile 😊. Chalk up another winner 💜✨🙏💅

Katie A

Miracle Treatment Base Coat Lr

The pearly iridescence of this base coat is so pretty to look at, both in the bottle and on the nails! In its function as a base coat, I found it to be a little less 'slippery' than the standard base coat after it dried. This made application of colour coats a bit easier and more consistent, since it was easier to get the right amount of second coat on the nail.


Miracle Treatment Base Coat Lr

I have only just received this base coat so cannot tell you if it works but it is the most gorgeous base coat I have ever owned. In the bottle it is a beautiful ballet slipper pink with an iridescence like no other. It goes onto the nails with only the iridescence showing (in my case). Honestly I am beyond tempted to use this base coat as a topper because it is so so pretty. Hopefully Kester Black comes out with a topcoat version of this!


Never Nude

I could not wait to try these new lipsticks from Kester Black, and everything they claim to do is true. I applied early morning and the one coat was still going strong right through dinner time. Honestly couldn't fault it. I found the shade 'Never Nude' to be a lot darker on me than in the photos, but lipsticks come out different shades on different people so that's to be expected. LOVE!


Blog - Petra New Kester Black 2015

ANOTHER WINNER! Versatile, grownup shade of pink. Like all KB polishes, easy to apply and looks great. Very durable when worn with KB base and top coats.


Champagne  Buttercream Lr

A must have shade. Lovely nude shade with a subtle shimmer that gives it that little bit extra. Another Kester Black winner!


Blog - Coral Blush

One of my all-time Kester Black (and overall) favourites - the soft pink is so cute, and the ease of application is incredible. I've gotten so many compliments for how crisp it looks, and people are always surprised when I tell them I'm wearing regular polish instead of salon gel - the coverage is *that* perfect, especially for such a pale colour (which I find notoriously difficult to apply consistently).


Miracle Treatment Base Coat Lr

Best thing ever! I am one of those really impatient people who touches to see if my nail polish has dried... always prematurely .. and having to start all over again! This supersonic top coat is a miracle in a bottle! It touch dries so quickly! Within a minute or so! Fab job Kester Black! Thx